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Accepting payments in crypto with Keterion

1. Create a store

— Sign in to Keterion and navigate to Settings -> Merchants.
— Click the "Create new store" button.

Create new store

You will be required to fill out certain fields when creating a store:

  • Store name
  • Accepting currencies: select from the currencies supported by Keterion.
  • Store URL

Description, Back URL and Success URL are optional but we recommend filling it out for better usability.

Back URL and Success URL have a parameter {orderId} which will be replaced by the order id from your system.

E.g., if users are paying for your order with id 9900-3388, and you set Success URL as:{orderId}/success/

then after successful payment users will be redirected to:

2. Activate store

Your store becomes automatically active after you check the "Store is active" checkbox.

3. Accept payments

Integrate with our API to create invoices and accept payments.

4. Withdraw funds

All collected payments get settled to your account's Keterion Wallet. You may request to withdraw your Keterion balance at any time (withdrawals are subject to Keterion fees).