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Digital assets settlement system

Supported assets

BitcoinBitcoin BTC
EthereumEthereum ETH
Dai StablecoinDai Stablecoin DAI
Tether USDTether USD USDT
Wrapped BitcoinWrapped Bitcoin WBTC
Wrapped EtherWrapped Ether WETH

Send Crypto

on internal transactions.

This is where you send crypto without fees!

Withdraw Crypto

Withdrawal fees depend on the asset type:

  • Bitcoin BTC: 1% + network fee.
  • Ethereum ETH: 1% but not lower than 3 times the network fee + network fee.
  • Ethereum ERC20 Tokens: 1% but not lower than 4.5 times the token transfer fee on Ethereum + network fee.

Deposit Crypto

No fee on deposits.

Funds hit your Keterion wallet mostly within 40 minutes after you pick it up from the depositing address using our interface.

#How to use Keterion

Deposit Crypto
#1. Deposit supported crypto assets to your Keterion wallet.

Sign in, find that "Deposit" button and follow the prompts.
You will be asked to send the selected cryptocurrency to the depositing address on the blockchain.
After it's done, return to the "Deposits" page and click the "Pick up my deposit" button to tell our system to fund your wallet.
Your Keterion wallet will be credited the same amount grabbed from the depositing address.
Please note that every asset type has its deposit minimum.

Send Crypto
#2. Send your Keterion wallet balance to other users with no fee.

Yep, that's true! Send available wallet balance to other users' wallets without any fees.

Withdraw Crypto
#3. Withdraw to your blockchain address whenever you want.

You will be asked to specify an address on the blockchain where you want your crypto to be sent.
Note that we charge fee for withdrawals. Additionally the blockchain fee is debited from your Keterion wallet.